Step By Step Guide for a Web Hosting Transfer

Conducting a web hosting transfer can be simple and quick process if done correctly. However, even the simplest mistake can result in immense frustration and countless hours of work lost.

If you are planning on moving from one web host to another, then you will need to take steps to ensure you do not lose data or damage your web sites. Fortunately, the following guide can walk you through the process step by step.

Step 1 – Finding a Transfer Friendly Hosting Provider

The first step in the web hosting transfer process is finding a new web host for your sites. This is perhaps the easiest part of the entire process because it can be done by anyone with basic web hosting knowledge.

It is best to choose a web host that provides tools and resources to facilitate and simplify the transfer process.  However, keep in mind that some web hosts will charge fees for transferring domains and other actions associated with conducting a domain name transfer. If you are unsure about the fees and procedures involved with transferring to a new web host, then you may want to contact the customer service department to clarify these matters before continuing.

Step 2 – Backing Up Your Web Sites

It is extremely important to backup all of the information on your web server before continuing, especially if you have larger web sites or sites that took a long time to build. Your web site is basically a database that is stored on a web server, and without this database, your site would cease to exist. When you transfer your site to a new web hosting account, you are simply moving this database to a new web server.

Thus, before continuing, it is best to make at least one copy of all your databases. To make a backup, simply use the backup utility within your control panel, or use an FTP client to download all of your site’s files to your computer’s hard drive.

Step 3 – Conducting the Transfer

The third and final step is perhaps the most difficult, as you will actually need to navigate through various areas of your web hosting control panel.

First, you will need to restore the backups that you created in the previous step. You can do this within the same control panel application used to create the backup. If you used an FTP client to download the database to your computer, then you can simply re-upload it to the new web server in a few simple steps.

In some cases, you will need to transfer your domain name to the new web hosting provider/domain name registrar as well. To do this, simply log into your current domain name registrar account and locate the “Transfer Domains” section. Within that section, you should be able to find all of the necessary information for transferring your domain name to a new registrar.

Once you have successfully restored your site’s backups and transferred the domain name, you will have completed the web hosting transfer process.

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