Making a Site Backup Before a Web Hosting Transfer

Moving all of your web site’s files to a new web hosting account can be a confusing and intimidating process for the novice webmaster, especially if you do not know how to ensure the safety of your site’s file during the transfer. The main problem that occurs during the site migration process is data loss caused by server errors and the lack of an adequate site backup.

It is important to note that your web site’s information is simply a database that exists on a web server. When you move to a new web hosting account, you will be using a completely different web server, which will not automatically carry over the contents of your web site. If you transfer your domain to this new server without transferring the files, you will be left with a blank site.

Why Should I Make a Site Backup?

Making a site backup is extremely important because it ensures the safety and continuity of your site throughout the web hosting transfer process. Without a site backup, any data loss or damage that occurs during the transfer could mean the permanent loss of a vast amount of hard work and dedication that is required to build and maintain a professional web site. Keeping a copy of your site’s database is the best way to insure your hard work and prevent a terrible mishap that could greatly affect your online business. Check out to find out different options to backup your data online.

How Do I Make a Site Backup?

Making a site backup is actually one of the simplest web hosting functions. In fact, every web hosting control panel includes a special module that was specifically designed to help you make a comprehensive backup of your site. The name of the backup utility will differ depending upon your web hosting control panel, however a quick survey of the user interface should lead you to the correct tool.

You can choose to make a single backup of your site, or you can even schedule automatic backups that will eliminate the need for manual site backups.

If you are having trouble finding or using the backup utility within your control panel, you can contact your web hosting support, or you can use an FTP client to download all of your site’s files to your computer’s hard drive simultaneously.

How Are Site Backups Restored?

Restoring a site backup is perhaps the most important part of the web hosting transfer process, as it is ultimately responsible for placing your site’s database on the new web server.  If you used the control panel tool to create the backup, then you should be able to restore it using the same tool in your new control panel.

It’s best to configure your new backup utility to create automatic backups so that you do not have to worry about this process in the future. If you used an FTP client to download all of your web site’s files, then you can simply upload them all to the server simultaneously.

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